Answers to Questions, questions, questions

For the remaining few days for this month ..the month of daily blogging.. I’ve decided for my own mind’s sake and that of my friends who frequently visit, to do a few light posts.

To start with, Rara from rarasaur kindly directed her friends to a post from Suzie81’s blog called Questions, Questions, Questions: Tell Me About You!. So, here I am telling you about me..and her about me too, I guess as she’s asked us to link our answers to the post.

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It’s November..

So. This will be my first post for November. For those who have been following my blog for some time now  you would probably realise that it’s:

  1. The 1st of November.
  2. Not a Wednesday or a Sunday which is when I usually post blogs.
  3. I have 2  new “cute” extra pictures on the side bar
  4. I’ve done this before (kinda) and then disappeared from the face of WordPress for a good five months after.

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Celebrating the first year anniversary & My new favouritest song

Thanks to my sister, I’m TOTALLY hooked  to this song…the words are awesome and it’s a totally feel good song.

Here’s to the “new” us, “new” earth, “new” age…whoot! ( Can you tell I’m bopping away to the song as I type this all the while “woohoo-ing” in my head and going yea! yea!!) Hehehe…such a party animal I am 😉


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Announcement: Linda’s creating an award badge fun!


Dear friends who read my blog,

Linda at litebeing chronicles has just passed her 1000th comment on her awesome blog and she’s super excited and I’m super happy for her! 😀

To celebrate and wanting to gift the 1000th commenter she’s holding a little fun event encouraging us to get those creative juices flowing by coming out with an award badge!

The guidelines are simple : (from Linda’s blog post)

Welcome to the First ever Litebeing Chronicles Commenter Award Design Contest. I am looking for a catchy eye-popping design that is WordPress worthy.


Have fun!

Use a global or international theme

Include litebeing chronicles and the word commenter in your design

Have fun! ( in case you missed it the first time)

You can submit as many designs as you want. Deadline for submissions is  9-1-13  .

 Email your submissions to me at .

You can read all about it in and the 1000th comment is from

I so hope that you will all join 🙂

Thank you 😀

Why yes, I’m still here…

TA DA! The prodigal blogger is back! Not too sure for how long *this* time, but for the moment she’s decided to post another blog post. She’s terrified to even look at the date of her last posting, so we shall not be counting the days, weeks, months that she’s been missing.

I’ve been struggling with blogging. Seriously. It’s even worse that having a “blog writer’s block” – I am not going to pretend to know how it feels like to have a writer’s block because that wouldn’t be fair to those that actually do write…you know, professional writers and all that. The problem that I have been struggling with  is a potent mixture of laziness, confusion and expectations; and you can find it  here in all it’s gloriousness ! (I made that word up)

I also have over 250 blog posts to read and comment to ! So to those that haven’t seen me around your blogs – I’m sorry! And I will get to reading your awesome blog posts and commenting on them! I also realized that even if I didn’t read all your posts and comment on all of them it wouldn’t really be a  catastrophic thing for you! But I *do* nevertheless feel guilty for ignoring your blogs for so long because I was embroiled in the above mentioned potent malady!

So….yea…thank you for your attention. We’ll be going back to some sort of regular schedule from now.