Quote: Traveler’s Notes from The Map

Ah…it’s December 🙂 Back to regularly scheduled posts every Sundays and Wednesdays! Yay for routine 😉

This post was originally meant to be posted earlier this week but Sage who is an awesome writer of terrific poems wrote one specially because I requested it and I *had* to share it.

On the day this post got written, I decided to “go with the flow” and picked up the book nearest to me and opened a random page to get a nice, simple quote.

Sometimes, Life is really quite “haha” funny because the book nearest to me was The Map by Colette Baron-Reid and the random page wasn’t so much a quote as well…you’ll see.

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Zero Limits and Ho’oponopono (Part 1)

Dew on Spiderweb by Luc  Viatour. Image via wikimedia. Click image for link up
Dew on Spiderweb by Luc Viatour. Image via wikimedia. Click image for link up

There is a line in a poem which goes: Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first learn to deceive, by Walter Scott.

I honestly can’t remember how many times or even where I’ve seen that line, but as I sat thinking about how to start this post, it came floating from the depths of my mind. It feels like a good line to start with so I’m going with it.

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Cosmic Retrograde Challenge (Day 3)

Linda from litebeing chronicles set up a wonderful challenge to coincide “With Mercury going retrograde next Monday on October 21, 2013 and a new series of eclipses starting this Friday October 18, 2013 in Aries, and then on Sunday November 3, 2013 in Scorpio“. I decided to take part in it.

The challenge was:

1- Find an item you never use or never wear but you feel very drawn to. It could be an article of clothing like a hat or jeans, or a CD that you haven’t played in years. Hang up a poster or picture that is hiding in a closet. Prepare a few meals from an old favorite cookbook that’s been neglected. Reread an old novel. Wear that old hat. Play that album. Wear an old scent that you are fond of. Watch several episodes of an old television series. Find something old that still resonates for you NOW.

2- Wear the item or use the object or perform the activity repeatedly for  a minimum of one week ; three weeks would be ideal.

3- Observe your thoughts and feelings to assess any significant changes.

4-Then journal or meditate on your experiences to gain more clarity.

5- Finally, blog about what you have discovered.

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Lost in your thoughts?

Click image for source
Click image for source

As the 100th post on my blog, I’m pleased and honoured to be part of Sindy’s 11 Day Cooperative Blogging Clearing Challenge. You can read all about it here 🙂

   Thoughts really can’t be quantified. I mean, one could start with a seed that germinates and grows into a huge tree or mountain, one thought linking to another forming this whole new tapestry. Some thoughts could be brought up by a person or situation or word which triggers a particular emotion within us, creating a lot of “what if” thoughts which can be nice or be full of horrors. Thoughts are there…good or bad, always there…whether we are conscious of them or not.

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How do we love amidst all the other stuff…

We have read these, we have heard these spoken of, we sort of know this but how in the world are we to do this?!


It comes in a variety of ways but the gist of it is that we are beautiful beings of love and light, that when we love and have compassion for others, the vibrations radiate out like the ripples in a body of water touching others, lifting up the energies of those around us, affecting in a positive way our situations and the environment within our circumference and beyond.

Here’s the thing though, it’s one thing for me to know that I’m a being of light and love but quite another to actually feel any love for that particular moron who cuts right in front of me without using the indicator or those silly dare devils who drive through red lights, especially when my mind goes on a rampage of how inconsiderate and dangerous they are, doing that.

Or how about when I inadvertently come across an article on the atrocities going on in my country…Bible burning, raiding of Hindu temples, disregard and disrespect for all others in the name of safe guarding the Muslim faith and the like…on Facebook! (So much for not reading the newspapers or watching the news…there’s always my trusty Facebook! D’oh!) I mean, I get pissed off…and I don’t even have to read the full article, just the title with the little snippet that comes with it. HOW am I going to feel love and compassion for those who are clearly acting like playground bullies (and feel free to add other colourful words)…how?? how??? HOW?

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