Chakra Series (1) : Introduction and Root Chakra

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To me the simplified understanding of chakras is that they are the main energy centers in our bodies. They relate to different aspects of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; and the seven main chakras reside along a straight line from the base of our spine to the crown. Each has its own specific function and significance.

I did a “Chakra Series” of my interpretation of the seven main chakra centers and thought to share a little of what I know and what I could find in the Internet about them! The website has a lot of information on the chakras and the tables and information I’ll be using here will be from that site.

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Drawing Mandalas….my way

So, I seem not to only really enjoy “ooo-ing” and “ahh-ing” at Mandalas; and colouring them. After  checking out these beautiful creations by aprillindsay I suddenly realized that…..wait for it……yes! one could actually learn to DRAW mandalas too! I know, I can be brilliant sometimes 😉

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Mindful Wishing

Photographic postcard of the ballerina Anna Jo...

To manifest something is just like having a wish being granted by your fairy godmother. The only thing is that there really is no fairy godmother. Sorry to burst the bubble, but the wish that came true for you…that was your own doing. It’s a thought that is all at once awesome and scary as well.

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Inner Martial Arts Meditation (IMAM): My interpretation


Inner Martial Arts Meditation is a 4 lesson course that teaches us the basic of our life force or Chi, how to perceive the Chi or energies that surround us and also gives the participant a set of mantras to practice daily.

It’s held at the Violet Flame and conducted by an Ishaya monk, Ishtar.

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The New World

The beginning of a new world

I drew this a few weeks ago and came up with the story below.

The creature, Boshrustochop was supposed to have been a horse but ..ahem..wasn’t too sure how to draw a horse, so he ended up being what he is 😉 His fur is the combination of colours that you would notice in the sky through out a day – from the black of night to the rosy dawn to the purples of dusk.

Hope you enjoy the story!

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Instead of blogging, I’ve been…

Commercial pastels
Commercial pastels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

exploring my creative side!

I’ve been using up my free days to just draw and play with colours – different mediums such as acrylic paint, pastels (chalk / soft pastels), coloured pencils and oil pastels. My favourite so far have been the oil pastels, chalk pastels and coloured pencils.

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