Say I love you.

Quite some time ago, a friend of mine introduced me to this group called Body Without Organs (BWO). The name *does* sound a little off putting and one would wonder what sort of music a group called such would be a part of. Well…I was very pleasantly surprised ๐Ÿ™‚

Just two days ago, I came across a song from them and…I fell in love with it.

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Shree wonders…

In the book Journeys into Emptiness, the author Robert Jingsen Gunn states that the concept of dualism or psychological splitting and that ability to differentiate good and bad comes from an initial experience of emptiness which occurs at the very early ages of life. This experience of emptiness occurs when there is a condition of early trauma which is severe enough to cause an individual to create a split. In another section, he states that the ego is formed due to this process as well. “It is the tendency to divide all experiences into two in other to maintain an illusion of a separate self”.

So naturally this got me to wonder…
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