Lotus Fire. My early experimentation with using chalk pastels. I *did* have a lotus flower picture to copy from ;)
Lotus Fire. My early experimentation with using chalk pastels. I *did* have a lotus flower picture to copy from 😉

In a nutshell

This is a place where I share my thoughts , understandings, knowledge gained and experiences as I embark on a new chapter of my life, which I am calling for now : Journeying back to my heart.

This is a place where I want to help others that are going on their life journeys too.

What is spirituality?

Here’s what I wrote  to someone who asked me what it meant :

Ah..well…what is it like..this spirituality thing? Well..for me it’s been a journey that is awesome, trying, enlightening, frustrating, exciting and saddening. It’s like a mix of everything actually. What I am enjoying at this moment is learning and gaining understanding and knowledge…trying to apply some into my life, learning that I don’t have to do everything, to take what I need and leave the rest….
There is a quote which is oft used : We are not humans on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey.

Spirituality doesn’t mean religion, it doesn’t have to be God…I don’t think. For me it’s aiming for our highest potential with an ideal we decide for ourselves which will help us AND others. Those that believe in God, those that prefer to use the word Divine, Source, Nature and even Science can all be spiritual :) But that’s just my opinion. It’s basically love and respect..for ourselves and those around us, and to listen to our hearts.

It’s the above…and so much more.

 Hello! My name is Shree Jacob and welcome to Heartsongs Blog 🙂

Me. February 2013
Me. February 2013

When you allow your mind to rest a little, do you think about life questions…you know, the “tough questions” like, what is the meaning of life, why am I here, what am I doing with my life!?

Have you ever felt that there was something out there, for you? That elusive perfect something?

Have you decided that this is the day / month or year which will mark the start of your spiritual journey? Did that question quickly follow with another, What is a spiritual journey?

Have you read books about spirituality, had “light bulb moments”, nodded your head with understanding and once done you kinda went, “Ok now what? I know what to do but how do I do it?”

Are you interested in metaphysical spirituality?

Contemplating by Lazyhaze. You can find her by clicking the picture.  This is the question that keeps coming to me every time I try to apply what I learn ;)
Contemplating by Lazyhaze. You can find her by clicking the picture.
This is the question that keeps coming to me every time I try to apply what I learn 😉

Here’s the thing, those were and are the questions that I ask myself too.

I know how it feels to be trapped doing something for the sake of doing it, when suddenly there is a voice in my head that shouts “Oh my God! Do you even know what it is you want? What are you doing with your life!?”

I know the confusion that comes with taking on this spiritual journey. All the questions and doubts that can plague us.

I know how it feels to read books on self-transformation and end up feeling dejected because I couldn’t relate to these awesome experiences that the authors talk about or the astounding revelations revealed as they were sitting on their porch looking out into the mountain ranges…I don’t live near any sort of mountain range in the first place!

I’ve always been interested in subjects related to Metaphysical spirituality, though I didn’t know it as that at the time. I used to call it religion and the occult, then went on to call it “the spiritual stuff”.

I’m here to tell you that no matter where you are in your life journey, everyone had to start from some where. Everyone who has been on this journey that is now called “the spiritual journey” started from a point when they were woken up as if from a deep slumber.

I don’t promise to know everything, because we really can’t know everything. Each of our journeys on this earth is unique because we truly are unique. We may have the same basic questions and be in similar situations, but no one will experience anything identically.

What I can do is to say that I would like to help you make some sense about certain things in life and to share with you what I have learned and am still learning while on my journey here; and to also share with you some of the knowledge and insights that I have gained from reading about a variety of subjects in Metaphysical Spirituality.




About this blog

June 2012 was also the month that I deleted my old blog and started this one. I named it Heartsongs blog because that was what I was doing…I was finally, re-learning to listen to my heart’s songs. Also, sadly Heartsong (without the blog) was already taken 😉

For the longest time I have had a deep, interest in all things spiritual. It ranged from learning about different religions, the occult and the metaphysical. It was only recently, in these past few years that I’ve started to immerse myself slowly and with a lot of starts and stops in this wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) experience.

I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts and my experiences as a “new seeker”. I also wanted a place where I could share my understanding of metaphysical / spiritual subjects.

My hope and my prayer is for those that visit this blog to gain something from my posts, to maybe open the door to understanding a little more and to feel that they are not alone in their own journeys.

My hope is that through this blog, I will also learn through the thoughts that are shared by those that visit it.

 And where is it that we are journeying to?

I believe that we are all journeying back to our hearts. To the source of light and love that is stored within us to take us to our greatest potential, our true Self.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, in The Phenomenon of Man

26 thoughts on “About

    1. I clicked on the link and as it is trying to open in a new tab I remembered the name!! He was the amazing little boy who was a guest on Oprah’s show!!

      Actually…I only now remember that he mentions his book and the title of it! I actually chose the name because I wanted to learn to listen to my heart singing her songs again…to remember who I am….. 🙂


  1. I read your comment on Sue Dreawalkers blog and it prompted me to look in on your blog. I will be back as your have an open mind and a thirst for wisdom, or should I say understanding, as I do. What a wonderful journey we are on. May the force be with you.


    1. Thank you Jack! I do have that open mind…sometimes it gets me in trouble because I keel going “Anything is possible” which is totally fine until there comes a time when I get a little muddled..lol.


  2. Hey!! Since you’re doing NaBloPoMo with us, if you want to do a YeahWrite guest post — I talked to Erica and she’d love to have you! You just need to let her know where to reach you and she’ll send you info. You can pre-write it & choose your date. They have a big audience, so it’s probably worth it if you have time! 🙂 Just comment on their post, letting her know you’re game! yeahwrite.me/kickoff-132/


    1. Ooo thanks so much Rara for the recommendation to YeahWrite! Thanks for thinking that I could contribute! hehe.
      Will go by and check it out by tonight after doing my catch up on blogs to read..lol.


  3. Hi Shree I read with great interest your thoughts on spirituality and you have explained it so well.
    To me spirituality means the process of unlearning and clearing the mind of ego and mindless clutter. To live life in balance, joy and calm despite the ups and downs and problems facing us.


    1. Hey Dilip, thank you for the comment!
      I totally agree with you on what spirituality is!
      I feel that spirituality is more free because it allows us to decide what it means for us…but the ideal is always the same, and that is how it should be because once it gets restrictive and exclusive…that’s when problems arise 😉


  4. Hi Shree (grin). I had just written in my comments section a reply to someone and I used the word Heartsong, meaning the core essence of someone and the calling of your heart and soul to you and from you. You were next in my Notifications and just look what happened – I ended up at your blog Heartsongs. You I know from all your generous comments, the name of your blog I did not or I did not remember. Synchronicity, Shree! What a joy to return here.


  5. Hello, I noticed that you were also featured on Eugenia’s Tuesday post and I thought I would drop by! 🙂 Very nice blog! I personally believe that my spiritual purpose is rooted in God, but it is interesting to read you take on the topic

    Liked by 1 person

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