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A little about me :

Taken in May of 2012, waiting for a meeting. Ah..the days of having 2 hours of sleep to catch a 2 hour flight for a "day trip" is not being missed!

  • My full name is Jeyashree Jacob. I’m known as Shree on this blog. If you’re reading this in 2013, then I’ve been on this planet for the past 41 years! I don’t really feel it in my mind (I love “shocking” my mind once in a while by reminding it of my age), my body mainly the joints would like to disagree with that.
  •  I’m from Malaysia which is literally half the world away from the US. So another thing I love to do, when I am chatting with friends in the US, is to occasionally say “ I come to you from the fuuuuutureeee!!”, while my mind accompanies that with a “OooOOOoooo”, much like a white sheeted ghost.
  •  I’ve  been described (by my sister) as a “rubber tree” though I think “rubber band tree” is more appropriate! Why? Well, this is me: I find something that I am really interested in, like art. So I go full steam ahead, just immersing all my time and energy into it for a couple of weeks leaving every other project to collect cobwebs only to lose steam by swinging all the way to either another “project” or just not doing anything at all! However, I was delighted to know that it’s not really a problem because there are people called Multipotentiates…and I “think” I might be one!
  •  I remember when we were really young, my sister and I would play “Teacher, teacher!” , each taking turns to use the walls as a chalk board (we had “lovely” doodles all over the living room walls) and I always enjoyed being the teacher! That’s what I’ve enjoyed even during my work – the presentations, the training sessions, participating in workshops. I love sharing what I know and learn.
  •  I like writing. It has always been easier for me to express my feelings and thoughts through the written word. I do tend to ramble a little (okay maybe a little more than just a little) but rambling sometimes, like most things in life can be good in small to moderate doses.

 So..whatchu been doing for these past 41 years, Shree?

On a warm and presumably very humid day on the 25th of September 1972, a little baby girl was (most probably) pulled out from her mother, kicking and screaming……

Nah…just kidding..LOL

  •  I obtained my Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery from India. It was 6 years of wonderful and at times hard experiences that I treasure. It was only when looking back at my experiences there that I realized I always had friends coming to me for advice about life and relationships because I was easy to talk to, even though the strange thing was I never actually had a romantic relationship.
  •  After being married for 6 years, I separated and moved back home (yes, I’m living with my parents, which isn’t too bad). This was in 2006 and it’s been seven years since and what a journey it was and still is.
  •  After working for close to 11 years as a medical doctor within the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, I did a 180 degree turn and went into the Pharmaceutical industry as a Medical Manager for 3 years.
  •  In 2010, I had my first tarot card reading and that gave me a wonderful opportunity to start on another new chapter in my life. I met people who were interested in what I was interested in. I signed up for an Intuitive Tarot Card Reading class and in 2011, I put on my “student hat” at the American Institute of Holistic Theology.
  •  June 1st 2012 would mark another big milestone because that was the day I handed in my resignation letter and left a “normal, stable” job deciding that it was time for me to do what I could not, not do.
  •  Now, I work three full days at a GP practice in Kuala Lumpur (full day = 12.5 hours) and have the rest of the week free to learn how to balance my interest in art, writing ( through this blog), reading, meditating, learning to communicate with crystals, tarot cards, my studies at the AIHT and just learning to be.

If you want to know more about me…just ask 😀



43 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Shree, nice to meet you, and learn how you came to balance your energy! … Sometimes our routes take us over mountains and through the valleys but how ever many twists and turns, there comes a point where we need to focus upon Self and Listen to what our hearts tell us to do…
    If you want to learn anything about crystals and stones, then please feel free to look at my Crystal and Things Page.. I hope you find much of interest upon my pages ..
    Thank you for following..


    1. Hello Sue! It’s nice to meet you too 🙂 Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment as well.
      I do find your blog interesting! I liked the one you did on cabbage! I didn’t realize how much of goodness it had! I will definitely be popping in to read more and thanks for the heads up about the Crystals page 🙂


  2. Hi Shree nice to meet you with more details!! Very glad to be friends with you in the blogosphere!!
    wish you all the success in all your endeavours and prayers that you achieve your dreams!!


    1. Hi mushtaqtriq!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting 🙂 I went to your blog and read your about page. Really enjoyed the story! It would help if you opened the post for comments…then we can comment on your post!

      Take care!


  3. wow, did you just update this or do I have severe memory problems? So you are a doctor/artist/renaissance woman/visitor from the future, how stupendous! I am so happy to know you and call you friend. Happy blogoversary Shree and may all your dreams take root and blossom.


    1. I just updated the pages some weeks ago Linda, so your memory is safe…lol.

      Thanks for the lovely comment and I’m really glad to have met you too and for the opportunity to get to know you as a friend as well!!!


  4. Wow, that was really interesting to read all that about you. We’re almost exactly ten years apart! I didn’t know you were a medical doctor. That must be both very challenging and very taxing. And three days of that is basically a full-time job. It’s nice that you seemed to have found a balance that suits you, where you have enough time and energy left to pursue other things that interest you.


    1. Hey Peter! Yup…I’m a certified (I have the degree…promise) doctor. I’ve struggled for a long time just accepting the fact that I am one. I went to India and took medical studies because being the eldest child in my family it was..I don’t know…expected. My sister (there are just the 2 of us) took up law ..if I had another sibling he/ she would have been an engineer….lol.

      Though it’s 3 days, it’s a total of 37.5 hours a week which comes up, as you said like working a full week. AND I have an extra 3 hours on Tuesday to help out another doctor. She asked and I couldn’t refuse when she said she wanted to go for some religious classes! So that’s actually 40.5 hours as week 😉

      I don’t believe you are exactly the age of my second love! Tom Cruise is exactly 10 years apart from me too!! Hehehehe.


      1. That’s interesting about how you sort of had your career chosen for you based on your birth position. You can understand the reasoning behind it, though it must be difficult for a lot of people who don’t want to be what they’re expected to be.

        Yes, it is hard to believe, but I’m the same age as Tom Cruise. And I kind of look like him, too. A shorter, furry, bespectacled, Wombie-sized Tom Cruise.


  5. Hi Shree! I’m just having a nosy around your blog! I like a mooch every now and then…
    I would love a job where I work only three days (even if they are long!) so I could have more time to myself… at the moment, I only have the weekends,and they literally fly by!


    1. Hey Tom!! Thanks for mooching around!!
      Yes, I am grateful that I am able to work 3 days per week and have the rest of the week of. Though I sometimes complain about the patients…I’m still grateful!!..hehe


  6. I just thought of something…You’re a doctor…. a college grad….a medical professional….and a tarot card student? Then why do you bother reading my stupid posts? I really feel honored now….Just send &2.99 plus S&H and I’ll be your friend! LOL!! Thx for taking the time to read MY stuff. I’m sorry it took so long to get to your blog, but some of us have to work more than 12.5 hrs a week! Jeez, how can you get anything done with so little time!


    1. Yea..hehe..I like to mix it up..a bit 😛
      I bother reading your posts because it’s tres (with that fancy Fench e) entertaining! Some of your posts have deeper meaning to it…and I enjoy that!

      Haha..I wish I could say that I only work 12.5 hours a week 😛 It’s 12.5 hours per day for the three full days I work. So it works out about 37.5 hours + another 3 (on Tuesdays I do a 3 hours shift) so I actually work 40.5 hours a week crammed into 3 + days 😉

      What’s a &2.99 plus S&H..? I’m curious..I’m also not American so quite a bit of American slang / words go over my head..lol.


        1. Awesome!! Do I get a Yoda too?? I mean do I meet a Yoda…I think Yoda is awesome! Specially his BIG eyes and bigger ears…

          Then again…you’re not taking the role of Yoda, are you?



  7. Shree, I like your open-minded sharing of thoughts. I’m always open to expanding my pool of knowledge and understanding by communicating with others around the world. I found your blog via our new WordPress Blog group and look forward to following your blog.


    1. Hey Larry! Yes, I replied the thread you started on the page 🙂
      Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting! I’m planning to slowly make my way looking at all the blogs around! Great that you commented here…it’ll be a reminder to get to yours too 😀


  8. Okay, now I know a little bit about you, Shree.

    As for myself, I’m just your regular next door serial killer in disguise.

    Psst! Don’t tell anyone – even if you know someone by that name – Anyone.

    Liked by 1 person

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