What I write about….

So, what are you interested in reading about?

I write about various things and subjects related to our life journey, from the “simple” things like Making Choices to the more complicated stuff like Karma. I also at times post up some of my art experiments or art work… though I prefer calling it experimenting 😉

I have provided links to the different categories within this blog and further down made it more specific, linking posts with the different subject matters that may interest you 🙂

General Categories

Daily Life : These are posts the relate to what we may experience in our daily lives, the challenges as well as sharing of knowledge from the Mataphysical Spiritual side of it.

Soul Work : Posts here deal more with subjects that relate to working within ourselves.

Tarot / Oracle Decks : I’ve built an increasing interest in Tarot and Oracle cards. For one thing, some of them are beautifully illustrated. It’s also a great way to learn to recognize our intuition, when we learn to read the cards. Tarot and Oracle decks are also great tools to learn more about ourselves and like anything else in this realm, we always need to remember that they serve to help us as tools. The wisdom, understanding and application in our lives always comes from us.

Update: August 2016 – Posts on tarot/oracle decks and card readings have found a new home at https://mainlycoloursandmandalas.com/

My art : My experiments with art. These will include mandalas as well.

Update: August 2016 – My art and mandalas have also found a new home at https://mainlycoloursandmandalas.com/

Interesting quotes: As I read I usually come across some awesome quotes and passages which I’d like to share.

Reviews : These are reviews of workshops & books that I’ve attended and read. I’m in Malaysia so the workshops are based here. However, I’ve had the opportunity to attend some workshops given by practitioners from overseas. I will provide the links to their websites, as best as I can 🙂

When undecided where to put it: These will be posts that really can’t be categorized or I’m completely undecided where to put them!

Other writing projects : These will include posts from the two categories below as well as other articles that I have had the opportunity to do. For example the project papers that I have submitted for my course or poetry.

A twist on Fairy Tales & Other stories: I’ve tried this once and enjoyed it very much. Though most of this blog is about our life journey, one of the things is to learn to find what we are passionate about, the things we do that give us joy and to experiment. So like my art, these will also be a part of my experimentation process 🙂 I hope it will help you start experimenting too!

Made up stories : Original stories

Medical Stories: This is a little series where I share some lessons that I’ve learned…am still learning to apply in my life, through my life as a doctor.


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