Qi Gong: my little experience

taichimanredAbout a year ago I had the opportunity to attend an introductory series of Qi Gong classes that stretched over 6 weeks. And since my brain has all but given up on producing anything remotely creative, I’m going to take the “easy” way out and use this as my Day 5 post for Nano Poblano.

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The plan…

Those who know me, know I love planning. When in the mood, I’d trawl YouTube checking out how-to vidoes on organising and planning your day..morning, night, life..anything that involves pretty journals and stationery, and just tip on staying on track. Most times I’d watch the videos, ooo and aah at the pretty things, get a few tips..think of doing the same…and then..well..life kinda gets in the way and off I go doing something else.

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November and being crazy

It’s a Saturday morning and it’s ridonkulously early at 6.12 am as I type this. It’s the 29th of October and in another 2 days we will be greeting the month of November. A few days ago I made a decision that may mean a few things: I still make some impulsive decisions; I can be completely and irrationally optimistic or I must be going a little mad.

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