What do the cards have to say ?

 Sort of a Foreword:

I think I have procrastinated long enough on this venture. For some time now (read a few months!) my sis and I somewhat in togetherness decided that it would be a great idea for me to start doing a tarot card spread posting each week. This would get me to play with my cards, get to know them and a great way to practice on reviving my intuition AND of course make use of all those hours spent learning the basics of how to read tarot cards intuitively.

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Tarot Oracle Cards

       The tarot and/ or oracle cards to me (and to many others) are tools that serve us as guides. They are like the GPS for our life journey and are just one of the many tools that can help us in our journey – back to our authentic selves. Crystals, books, meditation and even I believe singing bowls are just some of the tools that are available to us.

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