Awesomness within 256 pages.

I read this book some time ago and have really wanted to review it. For some reason I couldn’t get myself to do it! I think it was because I feared that I wouldn’t do justice to this book. However, I decided that enough was enough and to stop being a wuss about it! If this review makes you go, at any one point reading it, “Hmm..this might be an interesting book”, then I’d totally feel that I’ve done good by this book 🙂

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Silence is the essence of the heart. You cannot be in the heart unless you are in forgiveness of yourself and others. You cannot be in the heart if you are worried or angry. You cannot be in the heart if your breathing is shallow or labored.

When the breath is labored, thinking is driven by fear and anxiety. Your mindstates are rooted in the past or the future. You cannot see accurately. All the you perceive is a fabrication, a hyperbole. So take a deep breathe and return to the heart.

When you return to the heart, you abide in the silence from which all sound comes. Like a boat on the ocean you feel the waves swell beneath you. You move with the waves, but you know you are not the waves. Thoughts come and go, yet you know you are not the thoughts. You abide with the ebb and flow of the tide, moving in and out, feeling the contraction and expansion of thought.

Beneath the thinking mind is a pure, non-judgmental, awareness. When you discover that awareness, you fall into the heart. Then giving and receiving are effortless – From the back cover of The Silence of the Heart.

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